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Two Brand New Litters of Puppies Up For Adoption at Blue Dog Shelter!!

View pics and donation info for our Pit Bull Puppies

view pics and donation info for our Cane Corso Puppies


Updated Press Release- Updates In Bold

Two Brand New Litters of Puppies Up For Adoption at Blue Dog Shelter!!

Within the span of two weeks, one litter of 11 pit bull puppies was BORN AT BLUE DOG SHELTER and one litter of 9 Cane Corso puppies arrived from Brockton Animal Control, transforming the shelter into an around-the-clock puppy nursery!! Our shelter numbers have climbed from 20 dogs to a Blue Dog record 39 dogs to care for. This has stretched the Blue Dog Shelter’s staff and volunteers into an exhausted bliss. This is a joint rescue mission for 19 puppies who would not have had a chance at life if it were not for the collaboration between Brockton Animal Control and Blue Dog Shelter.

Jeni's Starfish Challenge


The Starfish Story

An elderly gentleman was taking his leisurely walk on the beach one day when up ahead he saw a young boy running around frantically throwing rocks into the ocean. The boy was running back and forth, back and forth as fast as his legs could carry him grabbing the rocks and returning the rocks to the ocean. As the man got closer he could see that there Jeni Sakariwere hundreds, maybe thousands of rocks and that the boy was working furiously to get them back into the sea. As the man approached he could see that what he thought were rocks were actually starfish that had beached themselves. There were thousands of them; All different colors- they were beautiful. The boy was trying, with all his might, to save them – one at a time. As the man drew closer he shouted, “Young man, why are you working so hard, you will never save them all.” And the boy never looked up and kept right on doing what he was doing. "Son." said the man, "You can’t possibly make a difference. It’s too late for them." Just then, the boy stopped for a second, looked up at the man, threw a starfish into the ocean and said "Made a difference for that one, didn't I?". He went right on doing what he was doing, saving who he could save, one at a time.

Comedy Night 2015

We need sponsors and raffle items for our SOLD OUT Comedy Night 2015!

Have any unused items lying  around the house that would make a good gift? Use them to save a life! We are looking for raffle items and prizes for our event. Any items that can be donated will be greatly appreciated.  

Advertising space is still available in our event program flyer.

This is a great opportunity to sponsor a life and advertise your company at the same time!

$25 for a business size ad
$50 for a 1/2 page ad
$75 for a full page
(All ads in black and white)
Have your business recognized as a life saver!

For more info please contact the Blue Dog Shelter at (508) 588-5661 and ask to speak with Malicha.


Ride for Blue 2015

Ride for Blue 2015Get your engines revved for our annual 'Ride for Blue' Motorcycle Ride Saturday, June 27th! Enjoy a one hour ride through the back roads of Easton and West Bridgewater which is led by the Brockton Blue Knights. There will be a cookout with food and drinks as well as music. Registration starts at 9AM and the ride leaves at 11AM. It's just $20 per Rider, and $10 for a passenger. Proceeds benefit The Blue dog Shelter.

For more information call 508.588.5661

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Cars for Blue

Donate a car (running or not) to the Blue Dog Shelter and we turn it into money to feed, house, train, and medicate the shelter dogs! Learn more.

Adoption Hours

Monday 10AM-3PM
Tuesday 10AM-3PM
Wednesday 10AM-8PM
Thursday 10AM-3PM
Friday 10AM-3PM
Saturday 9AM-2PM
Sunday As Announced

Donate Today

We would like to thank you for any and all donations made to the shelter.


Is your dog Microchipped?

Many dogs end up in shelters every year because their owners can't be located. Volunteers at the Blue Dog Shelter will microchip your pet for $30 which includes registration with 24PetWatch. Call to make an appointment. 508.436.6446